aslan (pink_jesus) wrote,


the taking Aan=D giving'
i knew the psycho would onset,
out of the .closet: mind.sik. trailing of, in, two, sp..Ace
inconsequence_ today is occupied by tomorrow
TiCk[]ToCk OUT STePS. Rabbit in Black
40µ can really bring living trial
Distinct replica. ill make sure he comes equiped and ready!
ªƒ odious purple odorous people celebrate&
There IS a good possibility that they will com...just wait.
/ joYouS. loVIngly Runningly toingly theingly storingly quicklyingly
poised chase tall and upstanding piece of fruit. tiped with chocolate K. &6 li piñacolada peein' in your colarado river waters
.G. *^# they tried................[...[..].].[..p...[p.[..=.=.[ lightl froms an litemrailer wit da eksoms Ah breaved oht
.,_,5 8*gr eat wall of ChINnnnna
joke a)s---- jar inkflaw buuzing bones and transgreen shine ôµ

Tooth. cutting. branches. growng fuller and more precise, go.. violetttt... tangled, moshyly
stout and fragrantegrtyo... ... ... as gragarious as prison. twilight .. al visitors are requested to leave the grounds... there will be hard liquor and sex... twisted.
group therapy. stack the canes and boxes . floor to ceiling gasp.. stick on the bass..track..
stale and gross..........................

crouching to see in on the little world of gameboylife. a whole little boxvision of hustlingness in the air º ½ of the nextt-time's feeling running through your veieans => 2unbalance ends and a fulcrom from which they both wing. jmling gsss can't tromp because they're good man with genocide
beautical quantative comparison reminds me of inverted systems of emotion classification and worthing.


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