aslan (pink_jesus) wrote,


i went to laser radiohead last night.

thats all i really have to say about that.

iv come to the conclusion that( like most people of my age in similar living situations)
i have nothing usefull to say and nothing to contribute to anyone around me. darn.

i remember having lots of people with whom i was acquainted and that i visited frequently, im not sure what happend with that.

if anyon isnt interested in reading these sorts of useless
opinions and beliefes i have about my life, i urge you to discontinue your reading now.

if you are still reading this i pity you because you have less of a life than i do.
really, stop reading if you know whats good for you.

i have no aspirations, nothing to look foreword to.

i love the trees and the dolphins

and they always talk about how its sad that dolphins get caught and die in the tuna nets, BUT WHAT ABOUT THE TUNA? oh well, tuna arent cute like dolphins.

i once had a dolphine named dolphina.
i miss that dolphin

i also miss everybodie.

i think that the glow-sticks have been aluminating long enough.
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